January 2, 2016 – part 2

“I react, I go, ‘Oh my God, look at that,’ and the camera goes click.”  

Ted Grant

I want to grab my memories, make them warp their emotions and views around me like a cozy blanket.

I think that’s why I love Photography so much. It takes the amazing things I see and gives them a physical way to keep them close.

Each sunset, laugh, shadow, and light is there. Taking me back to the jokes, fights, the cold or warmth.

Like Ted Grant reacts to what he sees, so do I react to what I see and my mind tells my body that I want to have this memory forever. I want a way to go back to this time, place, feeling.

I see the world in photographs. Whether it’s watching a movie and seeing what parts would be the best stilled or if looking at someone when they talk. I can’t help my self from seeing what I could photograph.



I’m happy that I have my 22nd birthday as a physical memory.

So thanks for going down memory lane with me. I hope you enjoyed it.



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Hot July Day Getaway

Hello my amazing people,

I have traded my wonderful Oregon seaside weekend getaway for a quaint lakeside escape in Washington.

This July has been an inferno of heat. So because of this my family and I took it upon our self’s to  escape the hottest day by heading to this lake for a picnic. It was fun and enjoyable, the perfect recipe for cooling off. Of course due to the fact that I can’t pass  up on a time to photograph, my trigger finger raced to keep up with the gorgeous views. I even got my sister to pose for me. Not only did I get the great family time I also got to just relax and dip my feet into the water and relax. I swear it’s the number one way to unwind, letting your feet hit open water. Take your pick of ocean, lakes, or river. It doesn’t matter.

So I think the moral of my little post is to go and dip your feet into some water and just listen. Take it in and breath.