January 2, 2016 – part 2

“I react, I go, ‘Oh my God, look at that,’ and the camera goes click.”  

Ted Grant

I want to grab my memories, make them warp their emotions and views around me like a cozy blanket.

I think that’s why I love Photography so much. It takes the amazing things I see and gives them a physical way to keep them close.

Each sunset, laugh, shadow, and light is there. Taking me back to the jokes, fights, the cold or warmth.

Like Ted Grant reacts to what he sees, so do I react to what I see and my mind tells my body that I want to have this memory forever. I want a way to go back to this time, place, feeling.

I see the world in photographs. Whether it’s watching a movie and seeing what parts would be the best stilled or if looking at someone when they talk. I can’t help my self from seeing what I could photograph.



I’m happy that I have my 22nd birthday as a physical memory.

So thanks for going down memory lane with me. I hope you enjoyed it.



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January 2, 2016 -Part 1

“I react, I go, ‘Oh my God, look at that,’ and the camera goes click.”  

Ted Grant

It started with a midnight blast of Taylor swift “22”(yes I am that girl), with my sister Meagan.

Then after satisfying that dream, we continued on with watching (making fun of)  Twilight because we got to scared from watching the scary movie before that.

This is how I started my twenty second birthday.

Before I talk about how this was pretty much one of my best birthdays I should talk about how my birthdays have been sort of cursed.

For the past seven years, give or take a year or so, I’ve had the worst luck. It started with breaking my foot and getting food poisoning, in the same year. Then it went to my knee “dislocating” ,not sure what happened to it but it hurt. From there it goes from being sick, and even moving last year on my twenty first.

So with all that back ground, I can say that this birthday was amazing. With a nice peaceful day hanging out at White Rock, BC, taking some fantastic photos, ending with a great dinner and of course going to see Star Wars, it was pretty great.

I think why one of the reasons I loved this birthday was that I reaffirmed wanting to be a photographer one day. What I mean by that is that I always love taking photos of things, I see the world in ways I can photograph it, but I always feel like I may not be as good as the people I look up to.


When I saw the photos I had taken, I could see my self being able to sell them, that this dream could be come a reality. I felt like they were good enough for someone else to want. I not always confident in my photography, I know I still have to work on them but the ones that I took with my family and of that day made me so happy. Don’t get me wrong I love each photo I take, because they are my memorizes, and these memorizes are some of my favorites.

So here is part one of my birthday adventure.


Hopefully you enjoy them.

Part two to come soon.


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Look close, No closer.

“Have I gone mad?”

I went exploring a few months ago. I found a world of wonders

One of the reasons I love the Camera is looking at the little details of life. The little parts of the world that you just cant help but want to look at for ever.

“I’m afraid so. You’re entirely bonkers.”

I saw these little parts of the world, but not like the one I see everyday. No the things I saw made me feel like Alice. Like I feel down a hole to another world.

It was beautiful and full of imagination.

“But I’ll tell you a secret..”

So go look at the world with wonder and imagination and see what new world you can find to be a part of. Look close for new worlds that are being created around you everyday.

“.. All the best people are.”


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A Little Sun for the Rainy Days

A while back I went on a wonder filled adventure to whistler Canada.

It was sunny with warm sun that came out to play, the smell of BBQ all around (there was a  competition happening that day) and the laughter and music of the active all around me. Having that day spent with my family was super inspiring and really fun, it was just what I needed. 

There was laughter, naps, heart-felt talks and even some death-defying moments. Okay maybe not but some of us (aka me) thought so.

Nothing can replace the love I have for my family and the adventures we have together. I’m pretty lucky to have them. I love these little moments in my life. It’s the days I love looking back on, that make me smile ; the ones I need when I’m feeling down.

More soon,


Moons and Stars

I don’t know about everyone else but I am in love with stars and moons. pretty much all things nighttime. I have no clue why but I just love it. So when you put a super moon + a lunar eclipse together, you of course get an impulsive Emma with her camera driving around after the moon.

Oh but wait, just like true Emma fashion I would forget my tripod. In trying to make a makeshift tripod to get photos of this amazing event  I of course went through my car and found a sweater, opened my sunroof,moved my body around so I could see through the view finder and started playing around with my favorite accessory.

It was everything I love about photography. A wonderful view, the random and sometimes painful places you go to get those photos, but always fun and always worth it.


Friends and Oregon.

I feel like I could live in these moments forever. The little ones that creep in the middle of the night. The still ones that wrap you in warm sun beams, making you want to lay like a lazy cat. The peace of the cool rain drops falling and breath-taking thunder running through the sky. The sand between your hands, eyes closed, listening to the orchestra of the waves. It’s these moments that I crave and cling to. I take pictures to fling me back, almost like those amusement park rides that makes everything blur and turn upside down.

Knowing that those moments are happening in that moment is spectacular feeling.

I went to Oregon one weekend a while ago and I went to the beach. While all of my friends were doing things around me, I sat and watched the waves and ran my hands over the sand. Later that night we sat by the fire joking and listening to the waves. I felt and knew that this was going was one of those moments that I wanted to travel back to. I’m so grateful for my friends and the adventures they bring. I love that I got to have sometime with them and to just soak in the feeling of relaxing fun moments with them.

Don’t forget those moments.


New Ground.

“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving.

What you have caught on film is captured forever…it

remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”

Aaron Siskind

It’s a moment. Small at the time, sometimes silent. Looking back its huge and filled with noise. Emotions of every type flooding over you like Whirlpool. You sit and look at it pulling the feelings apart like tangled string, trying to figure out what you want to have stand out. Then at the end your left with a little bit of the beauty of what you see with your heart and eyes for everyone else.

This is photography to me. It keeps me grounded with changes in life. It takes me out of my head to see what the bigger parts of life are, making sure I see the light when all I want is to wallow in the past.

I’ve gone through some changes in the last couple of months and I wanted to share some of the moments that have happened so far.