So I don’t know how many of you have taken a ferry ride but they are both beautiful and boring, also noisy. So to make the trip my family and I took over to Victoria more fun and entertaining, I made a little photo shoot.

You have to know that my one sister is pretty crazy. Ok well both of them are, but you only one could make it on this trip with us, and I made my sister do a photo shoot on the cold and windy boat ride.

Not only are me and my sisters complete nuts but the views those two days where stunning and out of this world.

I love both the sunny-ish views from the first trip and the cloudy moody ones on the way back. Pretty much any type of weather can make for a fun photo shoot.

The first day was cold and so windy we could hardly see through our hair because of it creating a medusa like hair do. It did give us some major cool photos though.

Never doubt the skills of wind and its power of creativity.

On the way back it was so cold I thought my hands would fall off but it was so much fun and so still. I couldn’t stop my self from staying out and taking pictures.

There is nothing like cold, windy, family fun.

Hope you enjoy the little bit of Canadian beauty.



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