Hot July Day Getaway

Hello my amazing people,

I have traded my wonderful Oregon seaside weekend getaway for a quaint lakeside escape in Washington.

This July has been an inferno of heat. So because of this my family and I took it upon our self’s to  escape the hottest day by heading to this lake for a picnic. It was fun and enjoyable, the perfect recipe for cooling off. Of course due to the fact that I can’t pass  up on a time to photograph, my trigger finger raced to keep up with the gorgeous views. I even got my sister to pose for me. Not only did I get the great family time I also got to just relax and dip my feet into the water and relax. I swear it’s the number one way to unwind, letting your feet hit open water. Take your pick of ocean, lakes, or river. It doesn’t matter.

So I think the moral of my little post is to go and dip your feet into some water and just listen. Take it in and breath.



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