Friends and Oregon.

I feel like I could live in these moments forever. The little ones that creep in the middle of the night. The still ones that wrap you in warm sun beams, making you want to lay like a lazy cat. The peace of the cool rain drops falling and breath-taking thunder running through the sky. The sand between your hands, eyes closed, listening to the orchestra of the waves. It’s these moments that I crave and cling to. I take pictures to fling me back, almost like those amusement park rides that makes everything blur and turn upside down.

Knowing that those moments are happening in that moment is spectacular feeling.

I went to Oregon one weekend a while ago and I went to the beach. While all of my friends were doing things around me, I sat and watched the waves and ran my hands over the sand. Later that night we sat by the fire joking and listening to the waves. I felt and knew that this was going was one of those moments that I wanted to travel back to. I’m so grateful for my friends and the adventures they bring. I love that I got to have sometime with them and to just soak in the feeling of relaxing fun moments with them.

Don’t forget those moments.



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