Feeling Shiny

Hello dear readers,

So on one of the nice weekends Oregon graced us with in October, my family and I went to the coast for a much needed lazy day. It was cold and windy and so blissfully sweet. Going to all the different shops and windowing shopping, looking at the adorable sea lions, and just putting my feet in the sand. I will never get tired of the Oregon sunsets and that crisp in the air, mixed with that saltiness. It’s one of the best feelings in the world.

I don’t know what made this trip so amazing but the photos I got are some of my favorites I have taken this far. I love how photos have a memory attached with them, its like taking a little bit of magic with you every time you see them. The photos of this adventure will always make me think of the lovely day I had with my Mum and Dad and how the sweet serenity of fall at the beach was there when I needed it. So enough of me talking, let me show you those new photos I’ve been talking about.

So if you ever need those relaxing days, try getting to the beach or really any place you can feel all shiny. I do have more photos I’m editing from this trip, so I might do another little post soon. I hope you enjoyed this post, and as always Follow, Like, Comment, Share to your hearts content. Even go to my Facebook page for my blog to give me new input on what I should do next or see the up and coming things to come.

Love, Emma


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