Talking To Yourself…Is That Crazy?!?!

Hello dear readers,

I’ve been thinking a lot about being on your own, having to deal with that silence and that feeling of not having people around.

 I know a lot of people who just have noise in the background because it makes them feel less alone in the world. They don’t want to feel alone, no one ever does. It’s not fun and it sucks, but I feel like it’s something you have to go through. Isn’t that silence, that time you feel like that, the perfect time to find you?

I’ve always felt that those silent times at night or when you have those days to yourself, is the best times to get to know yourself, like a getting to date yourself type thing, I mean dates are for getting to know someone better, so why not take yourself on one? I feel like if you become more knowing of who you are inside then things get a little bit easier. I try to do this and its not easy, I don’t think a lot of us want to know about our selves, like maybe we are scared to see the faults, or maybe what’s even harder is to believe the good parts about our selves.

Even with that though I try to turn off all of the sound around me and sit there for at least a few minutes (I’m working my way up) because even though I’ve sort of been that loner type and I put on a brave face, I hate being alone. It terrifies me, to get to know me, to deal with not having people all around me.

I feeling like the best way of dealing with it is to take my self out. Going for walks, a movie, coffee and a book, or even spending some time teaching my self to do something, like right now I’m working hard on drawing realistically. So next time you feel like that silence is too much, embrace it and see what a good time it can be.

But enough of my rambling… Here is some new photography of mine, that I took over the last few months, I know its not a lot but I’ll have more to come soon:

As always I hope you have enjoyed my pictures and posts, if you are new take a look at some of my older posts 😀

All the Best,


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