Neville Longbottom…

“We gain strength, and courage, and confidence by each experience in which we really stoop to look fear in the face…we must do that which we think we cannot.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Hey Lovelies,

So lately I have been thinking a lot about courage. Talk to anyone who knows me and they will most likely tell you that I am super scared of life….well you might have to torture them to get them to say it….I have amazing and nice friends! ❤ but really I am so scared of life, not knowing what’s going to happen and all that stuff. So I was thinking to my self:

What is Courage? Personally I think courage is seeing what scares you and moving towards it or you fail and try again. You can still be scared of it, but you wont let it change your course. Its hard to find courage, you know? I feel like it’s not a thing we’re born with, it’s this thing we have to work up to. For example I HATE spiders, like not your “omg spider, someone kill it!”  I’m like “oh hold up no I am not doing this, let me get the gas and matches and burn down this house, it is so not ok” but growing up in a family where I’m the youngest, I would call for my daddy or my mom or my bad ass sisters, but these past few years I have learned to deal with killing those evil things…sort of.. ( I know I’m slow at courage stuff 😛 ) but its taken me around 19 years to kill a bug, but I’ve done it and its awesome to know that I can 😀

With all seriousness though, is it only me that finds courage to come so slowly??? I feel like I  have to listen to my “bad ass” playlist to just get the littlest amount of courage. Like where is my Neville Longbottom moment? I mean that guy was so full of courage that he lead an army of teens to fight a crazy evil wizard! I know we all get there, we cant just let things stop us, if we did we would never live life. I think we all need to put on that soundtrack to your life music, grab that stuffed animal that makes you feel brave from when you where a kid (we all know you still have it) and head out there to kick some A.S.S.

 But yes this is my rant on courage stuff….For staying so long and braving through my rant I will give you some pictures I have taken over the spring time!

OH before I forget, what have you guys killed with courage or are working towards killing about? Comment and answer below. Like always rate, share, and follow!! We will be best friends!!! because you are awesome!!!!!! yep yep yep!

Love you guys,



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