Can’t I just stay in Never Neverland?

Hi all readers,

So as you guys know this past year I’ve had to come to terms with the fact I am having to grow up and get used to the idea of all that grown up things, like paying bills and getting a job, a place to live, Which isn’t really how I wanted to spend the year out of high school, I feel like right now I should be doing school work and hanging out with friend and getting really bad coffee from a collage campus, but you deal with what you’ve got and right now that is the idea me being coming a real adult, which is scary to say the lest. I mean why does no one tell you that the idea of finding a place to live and getting a job that can support you so you can at least pay bills and eat, is so not easy to deal with, well at least to me. I mean its not like I’m all along in dealing with this, I have a really great family that will help me with anything I need in life, but I know I have to learn how to walk all on my own again and that’s not easy. A part of me really wants to just hide in my room under my cover and not come out, but then I think of how I can spin this into a more adventure then real life. Like in my head I sort of play what could happen in my head like a movie, and yes even with possible sound track songs, because I am just that awesome, then I take a deep breath and let it out and go on with the day. I don’t know who all reads my blogs but maybe at least some of you guys can understand what I am going through, because I feel like I am not really that crazy, or if you don’t maybe you can still connect with what I’m trying to say, its really hard to grow up and move on from being in a little safety bubble. Most people who know me know I try to stay positive, because nothing really gets done with staying in the negative parts of life, and I know this isn’t one of my more happy post but I feel like its really important to show that living life isn’t as easy as what people think it is, but that cant let that make you stay in this negative part you. Push through it till you come to the part where you can at least take that deep breath and say to yourself its all ok. Now that I’ve said all that, I know that a lot of you guys like to see my photography, and this post I am going to have some but its done my Dad and my Sister who are really great at photography and I love there work so I wanted to show there stuff off, I did do the editing, I hope you guys like it and if you liked this post you should like it or comment letting me know what you think. OH and is there anything that you guys might want to read or see on this blog?? I’m all for suggestions!

Till next time, lots of love,



3 thoughts on “Can’t I just stay in Never Neverland?

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