Curve Balls

So we have all heard the expression curve ball…Its when something unexpected comes up out of no where. I hate when that happens, I mean don’t we all? Ask anyone who knows me and they will be the frist to tell you that I am not really good with change, I’m really stubborn, must be my Scottish heritage coming out šŸ˜› But when I do have a curveĀ ball coming my why I try to handle it, for me this usuallyĀ thats a mix of blasting music and going out taking as many pictures as my memory cards and batteries allow. I think if you have something to put that pent-up energy over anything that goes on in your life, like for my oneĀ sister its working out and music, and for my other it’s her art. So I know this is a short post but really all I wanted to say isĀ curve balls suck but you have to work with them not against them, and to find that thing that helps you through thoseĀ curve ball throwing. Good luck everyone! oh and enjoy the pictures below, I just took them this past week, I hope they make your day a little brighter.



ps.Ā want to tell what your why of handling curve balls is? let me know in the comments, if you want to see any new post coming up come back later and subscribe to my blog!



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