Do I hear bells in the distance??

Yikes! its been awhile eh? sorry about that! im going to get back into the grove of writing again, so there will be more of this to come!

On another note I wanted to say happy holidays! I think winter and christmas time is like my favorite of all years and holidays, so im really excited that its finally here! I just love the cold, wet, snowy days and nights. There is just something so cozy about having that type of weather that can be bested by summer or spring. One of my favorite memories of this time of year when I was really young like 3 or 4 years old, my mom and dad would make this “reindeer” food and we (my sisters and I) would go and sprinkle in around our snow-covered yard, and when we woke up it was gone, along with some new foot prints! It was tons of fun! I also love this time of year because of all my family’s traditions, like we always had home-made chinese food on christmas eve and my sisters and mom and I have this our special ornaments to put on the tree. We would to go to my local weekend market and get hand-made gifts for our secret angels gifts too. I love how this holiday can bring so many people together and make it feel amazing. Lately i’ve been really into handmade gifts (the joy of having no money :P) like hand-made art, or hand-made hats, scarves. I find it really enjoyable to have to think about what a person might like and how I can make them something they would care about, and not go “oh…thanks..its………………great?” because who really likes that reaction? Nobody does!! It’s also like one of the best puzzles ever, so thats never bad!!!! But enough about me, what are your guys favorite things about this time of year? what do you celebrate? or do you guys have any creative things to give as a gift or just to make this time a little bit better? just comment below and tell me! also look at my other posts if you havent, and if you like those, follow me!

Happy Holidays,


p.s here are some shots I took of my tree this year! hope you guys enjoy!

christmas light defused by ribbon


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