Ok people out there, I want to talk about change. That scary, fun, roller coaster force in our life’s. Some of us are great with dealing with it, others (like my self) are not the best at dealing with it. Change has been on my mind lately, with leaving high school and having my friends go off and me trying to do something with my life right now. Change has sort of hit me like a train going a billion miles per hour. It’s scary to think about how life is not going to be the same as it once was, but at the same time I think that im going to have fun finding out what is out there and what can happen. Its sort of like how you see a flower change, it can be beautiful to watch, but if it gets too much sun without water, or too much water, there is always a chance it can go wrong. so you hope and fear for it. Well in life I find that sometimes it can be hard to see the beauty in the change and not stay in the fear of it. I hope that anyone who is reading this, that take a minute, take a deep breath (let it go) and just look at the good side of your change, enjoy the ride. As always comment and like, even try out following me.



p.s. look for some pictures that go with this post, it will be called Change #2, Take care!!


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