Maestro, Some Music Please?

Music. It’s one of the more positive things in life that I can think of. It can be a shoulder to cry on when we have a hard day or time in our life, like the songs of Adele. Or it can be that positive drive to keep us going on an all nighter. I think one of my favourite memory’s I can think of with music is going on these long drive with my family. Some nights we would get so bored, we would all hope in our car and drive. Most times we had no destination. I remember the times I would look out the window watching the cars going by and listening to some of my favorite music at the time, artist like “Lord of the dance”, Switchfoot, Celine Dion, , Shania Twain,(I have a wide range of music I love) and a lot of other artist, just daydreaming away. Other times we, my family, would put on some good oldies tunes and sing at the top of our lungs just having a blast. Music has been a source of inspiration and a friend when I needed it the most. It also brings people together, as most of us have seen, heard, or read about. I love watching the different groups that pop up with music, like the Bieber die hard fans. Sometimes the people in “groups” can surprise you though, like one of my friends who loves alternative music can also like music like Bieber, just showing us how music can bring people together. It’s funny how music while is just a simple sounds can make us feel so much and be like a anchor when needed it. I want to ask what your best memory with music is, as always comment with answers or feedback and even suggestion with what you would like to read about.

Love always,



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