I’m not the most outdoorsy person out there, my least favorite thing about the outdoors is that I hate bugs! That said I really love Nature, I like the beauty and the sounds of birds, water, wind. I love having the alone time to just sit and watch the wonders and simple beauty of what is out there. I said before that I was really into photography, my favorite type right now is Nature photography. I love capturing the simple elegance of a flower or the mystery of water. The different things I love shooting is landscape like the Rockie Mountains. This summer I went into my backyard and took pictures of flowers and water. I loved the colors of the flowers and the way the water fell. I hope you guys like them! I also wanted to ask what your favorite thing about nature is, or if you’re not outdoors what you least favourite thing is. Thanks for reading and if you guys want to see a post of something you really want to see just comment your request!

Have a great day,


These are some of the pictures I took in the last few days:


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